Tips to check before buying an apartment in Gurgaon

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If you are preparing to buy Service Apartments in Gurgaon, stay tuned to these tips of what to check in the condo!

Check if the property meets your needs

Buying an apartment is something serious and not cheap. Giving up in the middle of the process has serious consequences, such as the loss of the paid signal. So, do not even think about buying a property in hurry or a hustle. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the locality of the building, to try to minimize neighborhood problems, check the footage of the property, the value of the IPTU and especially the Service Apartments Gurgaon.

Read the apartment agreement carefully

It is in the convention of the apartment that gets registered everything that is decided together with the other residents. “Check how the apportionment of expenses is done and if there are services that are very heavy in the apartment. See also the amount of the fine for late payment of quotas and how to attend the meetings. Stay on top of everything that happens during the trustee’s term.

Get to know the rules

If you are interested in buying Service Apartments in Gurgaon, then read carefully all the rules of the apartment. In some places it is not allowed, for example, to have pets. Another point that is common to generate friction between neighbors is the garage goes to the place and checks the availability of the vacancies and, especially, the safety equipment available.

See the state of the elevators, exits, and emergency equipment. If the building has a leisure area, observe the conditions of parks and swimming pools and how these spaces are maintained. Some conventions, for example, prohibit the use of the coexistence area by visitors. Consider whether this type of rule fits into your lifestyle.

Beware of condo finances

Another important point is to check while buying Service Apartments Gurgaon is the default rate of other residents. If it is above 6%, stay tuned! This can jeopardize the cash flow of the apartment. Also note how the monthly accountability is done, which should happen in the most transparent way possible. Also check if the apartment is up to date with labor issues. This type of pending can lead to lawsuits and end up increasing the value of the apartment unexpectedly.