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Epoxy coatings are considered to be the best industrial coatings. Though its application is huge but this tutorial will guide you around the basics of applying epoxy coatings on floor.

If a concrete slab has too much moisture content, it should not be simply covered with epoxy. Moisture is a major cause of epoxy-coating failures. So, before we decide to apply epoxy coating a basic moisture test is a must to perform on floor. Floors having light and medium wear and tear are generally suitable for epoxy coatings such as floors of showrooms or garages.

Preparing the surface:-

Perform moisture test, if the test is passed, then start preparing the surface. Surface preparation is important to ensure adhesion between the surface and epoxy coating. To ensure an excellent adhesion, sanding or stone grinding of floor is required.

Cleaning of floor:-

Vacuum cleaner is used to remove all the sand dirt or any other dust particles on the floor. Contamination of oil or grease is also removed by using degreaser to clean it. PCI degreaser is highly recommended to clean the surface. If cleaning of the floor is not done appropriately then particles might get trapped in the primer coat and result in weakening of the adhesion significantly.

Get it primed:-

Primer is applied to fill the little indentations on the surface to make it evenly smooth. If the surface is left uneven then the finish will not appear as good as desired. Primer also increases the coating life and adhesion capabilities. To ensure this, best quality of epoxy primer should be used. PCI Epoxy Primer is highly suggested. Priming the floor will also ensure that the sealing of the floor is done appropriately which will further help in reducing the generation of gases and bubbles. After applying the primer allow it to dry completely, sand to smoothen it and then prepare it for the paint.
After sanding cleaning process should be repeated again.

Apply the epoxy paint:-

Best quality epoxy paints should be used for the best results. PCI Epoxy Paints are highly recommended here to ensure desired finishes. Minimum two coats of the epoxy paint should be applied for better adhesion and covering. Drying time between the coats should be taken care of. Use rollers to apply the paints.
PCI Epoxy Thinners can be used for dilution or thinning purposes.

Apply the final top coat:-

Epoxy clear with excellent chemical resistance and strength is required for the desired results. PCI epoxy clear best fits here as it has excellent quality to rely on. While applying the top coat, make sure that the surroundings are dust free and proper ventilated. Also, remember that epoxy coatings have a pot life of ~~40 minutes, so mix only little portion of it at a time. Leave it to dry.