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Wooden furniture visibly enhances the aesthetic appeal of decor. Finishing of the wooden substrate is always essential to give it a look and increase its life and durability.Since, wooden furniture or any other wooden thing are considered assets, applying wood finishes is the best way to preserve the outer surface and texture.

Painta Chem (India) manufactures a wide variety of products which are excellent in quality and durability. Hence, to ensure best results one should follow the below -mentioned steps:

Preparing the surface:-

Always prefer to use seasoned or treated wood as it doesn’t allow termites to reside on it. Wood is a porous material and have different sizes of holes which makes the surface uneven and creates room for dirt and dust. Wood grains also makes the surface uneven as they are naturally laid in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, in order to make the wooden surface even a lot of sanding is required. It is always said that the better the preparation of the surface, the better the end results.

Applying wood stain:-

While wood in its natural state can provide breathtaking beauty, it doesn’t always match the other colors or wood tones in our home. Adding stain to bare or stripped wood can both change the color and highlight the grain pattern of any wood.

PCI Wood Stains are great in quality and offer a good variety of colors in it. Refer PCI wood stain shade card for choosing the desired color.

All stains require open pores for adequate absorption into the wood. Applying stain over a finished surface will not change the color of the wood. Applying wood stain with spray gun is always preferred for uniform color finish.

Applying sealer coats:-

Sealer is used to seal the wood pores efficiently and make the surface smooth without hampering the grain texture. Few coats of good quality sealer is recommended for the good filling. Sanding is a must after every coat to achieve the best results. PCI sanding sealer is highly recommended for this purpose as it has good sealing ability, easy to sand and dries quickly.

For dilution purposes, PCI NC Thinner is considered the best.

Applying top coat:-

Before applying top coat make sure all sanding dust is removed and surface is clean and free from any kind of contamination. Top coats should be applied with spray gun to achieve best results.

Painta Chem (India) offers a wide variety of top coats such as
PCI Melamine clear, PCI PU Clear and
PCI NC clear. All are available in both matte and gloss finish.

PCI top coats have distinguished features and are considered to be the best among exporters.